Star Trek: The Game

   Here is my port of the classic Super Star Trek game to Pascal programming language.


   I used David Ahl publication ("Basic Computer Games", 1978) of Super Star Trek by Robert "Bob" Leedom. That is based on original Star Trek by Mike Mayfield, 1972.    This is the first game I played on personal computer in the Summer, 1985. So I decided to resurrect it 20 years after.

My Port

   My SuperStarTrek-Ru is just bug-compatible translation from BASIC to Pascal. You can use FreePascal (rus) to compile it. Currently it can run on Palm, if compiled without Instructions and online help (both on commands and computer).

   This is only a starting point for real Star Trek. Its main purpose is to be the exact translation of the original Super Star Trek. In many places, where modifications will make better code or fix bugs, I put special { HINT: ... }-style comments.

   I accept suggestions to make this version as close to BASIC original, as possible. General suggestions how to enhance code and gameplay can help me to make the real, fool-proofed version.

StarTrek.pas, Build 1 *alpha*, 43753 bytes

Created by Ilya V. Vasilyev,, 2006.

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